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Get to know the next addictive puzzle for all ages and skill levels. Take a minute or take an hour to tease your brain with the newest pastime pleasure. From beginner to expert, there are Pathem™ puzzles for everyone. Easy to pick up, hard to put down.

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Sit & Solve Pathem
"Pathem is great for a quick brain-bender. It mashes together the simplicity of Boggle and the complexity of Sudoku all in one little package."
-David Millar, Puzzle Creator,

The latest puzzle book "Sit & Solve Pathem" published by Puzzlewright / Sterling (ISBN-13: 9781454906513) is now available for pre-order, with a Nov 5th, 2013 release date in Barnes & Noble Stores next to the other Sit & Solve puzzle book series.

"Introducing a clever, addictive new logic puzzle from inventor J.K. Cook! Easy to learn, fun and challenging, it involves making words Boggle-style by putting letters into a grid in the correct places. You can move in any direction as you solve, place the letters one by one, and even reuse them."







Pathem Books

"Pathem is a new, challenging puzzle for crossword or scrabble lovers; I love it."
-Marcel van Leeuwen,


Great new titles full of Pathem puzzles. Play them on the bus, in the waiting room or while at home in your favorite chair. Search for "PATHEM" on

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