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EVIL GENIUS contest #3 Winners!
Who else will join the victory list? This level 6 puzzle, "Welcome Back To School Fall 2010" (1650 pts), was released via the "news blog", the Pathem™ weekly syndication and the Pathem™ facebook page on 09-13-10. Solve the puzzle and join the Pathem™ Puzzle elite if you can.

• Stephen Hogsten (2-time winner)
• Ryan Thornburg (2-time winner)

Congratulations. You are Evil Geniuses! Enjoy your exclusive Pathem™ puzzle prize. You reign supreme.


Look for special contests via Facebook, Twitter and your local collegiate and community newspapers for more opportunities to be inducted to the Pathem™ Hall of Fame!


EVIL GENIUS contest #2 Winners!
Welcome to the Hall of Fame. The level 6 puzzle, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" (1650 pts), was released via the Pathem™ weekly syndication, the Pathem™ facebook page and the "news blog" on 06-23-10. Even with school in summer session, the new Hall of Famers have started rolling in.

• Christopher Goad
• Emily Blakely
• Emily Landis
• Marty Sturgeon (2-time winner)
• Onur Agirseven (2-time winner)
• Stephen Hogsten
• Ryan Thornburg

Congratulations and welcome to the club. You are Evil Geniuses! Enjoy your exclusive Pathem™ puzzle prize. Who will be next to join these winners?




Welcome to the first EVIL GENIUS inductees!
The following Hall Of Fame inductees are the first 10 players to solve the Level 6 (EVIL GENIUS) puzzle: "Go Green, Go White, Go Spartans". The puzzle was published in MSU's Finals Survival Guide insert (05-03-2010) and has a value of 1575 pts!

• Marty Sturgeon
• Brent Gamalski
• Justin Drwencke
• Sarah Sears
• Beth Pope
• Amanda Canham
• Mary Joy
• Onur Agirseven
• Grace Metz
• Kenny Barresek

Congratulations! and enjoy the excusive custom Level 5 (Genius) Pathem™ puzzle sent just to the winners, "Top Evil Spartan Geniuses" (1000 pts).


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